Candidates Looking For Digital Jobs

Candidates Looking For Digital Jobs

At Pineapple Jigsaw, we help candidates find their dream digital job. We do this by building relationships and understanding you as a person. We aim to represent you effectively when speaking to prospective employees on your behalf. Transparency and clear communication are essential, whether a positive outcome or development feedback. Please get in touch if you’re looking for a specialist digital recruitment agency that will only send you to life-changing interviews.

How We Help Candidates Find Their Dream Digital Job

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Candidate Testimonial
Pax was the very first recruiter I worked with when I became a contractor, and I honestly haven't spoken to another recruiter as attentive and understanding to my needs since. Whether this was finding the right role or even renegotiating my contract to allow more flexibility and higher rates, she tirelessly worked in the background to ensure I was taken care of. Once my first contract finished, the next one offered to me was another great fit. This is a testament to Pax's ability to find the perfect candidates for companies with specific requirements. Always friendly, easy to talk to and willing to go the extra mile every time. I can't fault her one bit, and I will work with Pax and Pineapple Jigsaw again in the future, I'm sure.